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Found: 16 distinct synonyms in 1 group  (get all raw synonyms*) [last update SEP-2013]
Drosophila melanogaster - Eukaryota/Metazoa/Arthropoda
+ -SynonymTypeSource
155116_atGene EntrezGene:36990
CG4909Gene EntrezGene:36990
CG4909-PAGene EntrezGene:36990
DmelCG4909Gene EntrezGene:36990
Dmel_CG4909Gene EntrezGene:36990
dPOSHGene EntrezGene:36990
DPOSHGene EntrezGene:36990
dPOSHGene FlyBase:FBgn0040294
DPOSHGene FlyBase:FBgn0040294
l(2)k15815Gene EntrezGene:36990
plenty of SH3 domainsGene EntrezGene:36990
Plenty of SH3 domainsGene FlyBase:FBgn0040294
Plenty of SH3 DomainsGene FlyBase:FBgn0040294
Plenty of SH3sGene EntrezGene:36990
plenty of SH3sGene EntrezGene:36990
Plenty of SH3sGene FlyBase:FBgn0040294
plenty of SH3sGene FlyBase:FBgn0040294
POSHGene [preferred]FlyBase:FBgn0040294
Gene EntrezGene:36990
poshGene EntrezGene:36990
POSH-PAGene EntrezGene:36990